Funeral Flower Alternatives

When it comes to expressing comfort, healing and remembrance for another at a time of grief, it can be difficult to find the right words to express how you feel. While flowers are a traditional gift for grieving hearts, sometimes they simply don’t say enough. With flowers being the go-to easy option gift for someone who is grieving, more often than not people are overwhelmed with more flower arrangements than they know what to do with and the sad thought, they too, would die. Instead, why not convey your feelings in heartwarming sympathetic manner by opting for funeral flower alternatives?

Words of Comfort

If you’re looking to offer a personalised touch, cards and the like can provide wonderful words of comfort as a funeral flower alternative. Conveying memorable details about the person that embody them, or words to inspire, tend to bring about a smile in a time of sadness. Words of comfort can be gifted by way of a book, plaque, ornament or card. By choosing words of comfort that are unique to the individual, the family will have a funeral flower alternative that they can cherish for far longer than a week.


Photos are a fitting funeral flower alternative as they indefinitely capture the loved one lost. Gifting a photo in a beautiful photo frame can be a fitting way of demonstrating your personal, precious memories of the individual. By capturing the essence of someone forever in a photo with a personalised message, the mourner has a memory of that person that they can display and look upon with fondness.

Garden Memorial

For a more unique funeral flower alternative, a garden memorial can mark a special place for retreat and remembrance, both immediately after the time of passing and into the future. Garden memorials are the perfect alternative to traditional funeral flowers not only in circumstances where the special loved one was a passionate gardener themselves, but also where those in grief would benefit from an escape and the opportunity to take time out to reflect on wonderful memories.

Just as every person is different, so is every funeral and grieving process that follows. When it comes to funeral flower alternatives, allow yourself to be guided by your personal memories of the loved one and how you think that those grieving would prefer to preserve those memories. Shop our complete range of funeral flower alternatives here.