Sympathy Gift Ideas

At a time of loss, we understand how difficult it can be to find a gift of condolence that expresses your feelings in the right way. When you wish to send something more lasting than sympathy flowers and more personal than a food sympathy basket, Forever In My Heart can help you express your heartfelt condolences with our unique and thoughtful sympathy gift ideas. With so many bereavement gift ideas available it can be difficult to know with confidence what sympathy gift is the most appropriate way to show how you feel to the people involved. Forever In My Heart brings personal experience to help you find the perfect sympathy gifts for comfort, healing and remembrance. If you are wondering what to send other than flowers when someone dies, we have compiled our list of sympathy gift ideas for remembering loved ones.

Memorial Candles 

Memorial or remembrance candles are a meaningful and symbolic way to remember loved ones who have passed on. Burning a candle in remembrance of a love one signifies that the memory still lives on and burns bright. Lighting a remembrance candle and seeing the warm glow can bring comfort to a person grieving as they cherish the memories, remember their love and honour their life. One of the more traditional sympathy gift ideas, a candle is sure to bring light at a time of grief. Forever In My Heart offers ideas for candle tributes that can be used at the funeral, wake, memorial or celebration of life service. 

Cherish Timeless Photos

Photographs are the main way in which people hold on to their memories of someone who they loved due to the precious memories each photograph holds. Preserving photographs with a beautifully designed photo frame are a touching way to memorialise a loved one. A photo frame featuring a meaningful message is the perfect sympathy gift idea to forever treasure and protect a photo.  Forever In My Heart offers a collection of frames that can be sent as a heartwarming sympathy gift or used at the funeral service or wake to display a cherished photo that captures the unique personality of the loved one gone. 

Console with Inspiring Words

For a comforting sympathy gift idea, you can help someone who has lost someone special in the grieving process with inspiring words on a plague or in a book. Finding the right words of comfort is never easy, but with a meaningful quote, verse or message in permanent form, you can pass on your condolences, support and strength. 

Bring the Strength of an Angel

As an inspiring source of courage, angels are a beautiful gift of support during times of sorrow. For a sympathy gift idea symbolising comfort and guidance through difficult times, give the gift of a memorial angel. 

For more inspiration on the perfect sympathy gift idea to send for comfort, healing and remembrance, browse our complete range of keepsakes and sympathy gifts.